Song Mi Saeng

The wall of light
A thing that is the object of all cravings, I always think I have caught it.
That slips away, and slips away again Leaving only its skin behind ——-
– Chambres D’Amour (The Rooms of Love) by Bernard Faucon Looking into things and thinking about them is always like looking into and thinking about myself.
Photography allows me to examine my gaze and read my heart.
Acts of observing quotidian realities habitually and keeping them in my heart ——-
Taking photographs is taking my self-portraits.
I regard this work as a ritual I have to conduct every day with deep breaths.
Am I afraid of being caught with an artless appearance?
While observing things, my eyes document their subdued beauty.
I “look into” things through the light dimly seeping into my images.
My work is to document the beauty of colors with reflections of subdued tones.
I make a foray into “looking into” objects again.
My previous life intersects with my present appearance over a wall that is scarcely perceptible, wavering in my memories.
I have been aware that revealed nature and concealed nature are one and the same and I am in others.
I discover through an infiltration of light that I remain attached with the others.
I do not feel sorry for something uncatchable because I know now that all beautiful things are beautiful because they are not captured with ease.

Song Mi-saeng

She is currently attending the photo school of Dream Flower Factory which is the socio-public photographic society and completed the photography course at National Grographic Photo Academy in 2014, and Photo Academy of knowledge industry Education center at Chung-Ang University in 2011~2013.

He had numerous group shows including; <Noori>, Space 291, 2014, <Growing up>, Dong-Gang

Internationl Photo Festival, 2013, <Catholic Photographer’s Group Show>, 2011-2015, <New Millennium>, Gallery Sky-Yeon, 2012


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